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Kairos Oilfields Resources Limited (KORL)

Your No.1 Oilfield Resource Partner

Message from the C.E.O


Kairos Oilfields Resources Limited (KORL) has been established to meet the resource needs of Oil & Gas players and individuals in the industry.


Our training programs have been designed to give insightful information and help individuals in and out of the industry have a better understanding of operations undertaken within the sector.


In our attempt to reach a large number of people interested in our courses and still observe all COVID – 19 protocols, we aim to deliver some of our courses online and for free.

Vivian Violette Gadagbui

Founder & C.E.O

Our current service delivery areas (i.e., Human Resource Management, Finance/Accounting Consulting, Facility & Administration and Oil & Gas Training) are set up to meet immediate needs within the industry and constitute the first phase of our operations.


As we progress our operations, we intend to expand our capacities so as to meet emerging needs within the sector.

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Our Mission Statement

  • To our Employees :  We aim to become an employer of choice by establishing a structured professional environment with diverse opportunities for career development and growth.


  • To our clients: To provide excellent service in all our dealings to ensure client satisfaction. We also aim to create sustainable and superior value in all business relationships and transactions.


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Our Vision

To be the No.1 Oilfields resource partner in the West African Sub region and beyond

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  • To create an environment of openness amongst employees and clients which will facilitate service delivery in all sincerity.

  • Build mutual respect amongst employees and clients

  • Be a dependable partner

Commitment to excellence
  • Deliver excellent results in all areas of our services


Our people are the most priceless assets and our business is as good as the value the people bring on board, making staff training and development a key focus. 

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