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Introduction to the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry in Ghana










About This Course


This course gives an overview of the state of Ghana Oil Industry. It covers the phases of major Oil projects in Ghana, the partners of these projects and gives an understanding of Ghana’s fiscal regime. This course offers participants the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the Oil & Gas Industry in Ghana.



What You Will Learn

  1. The history of Ghana’s Oil &Gas industry

  2. Useful Oil &Gas Industry terminology

  3. Ghana’s Petroleum Fiscal regime

  4. The role of the government & its agencies

  5. The role of International Oil Companies (IOC’s)

  6. Major oil &gas projects in Ghana and their phases

  7. The future of Ghana Upstream Oil & Gas Industry


Who Should Attend

This course is useful for those who want to have an overview and understanding of the state of Ghana’s oil & gas industry and gain more insight into upstream petroleum operations in Ghana. It is especially valuable for newcomers to the industry and non-technical personnel working in areas like HR, finance, IT, contracts and administration who feel they could benefit from gaining a wider appreciation of the “big picture”.






​Finance for Non Finance Personnel in Oil & Gas











About This Course

This course allows personnel who don't have a financial background to understand the basic principles, theory and practice of financial reporting and analysis as they apply to the oil and gas industry.


What You Will Learn

  1. Understanding financial information and interpreting it

  2. financial management specific to the oil and gas industry

  3. Understanding of key E&P accounting topics including depreciation, reserves, decommissioning, and asset impairment tests







Introduction to Oil & Gas Accounting











About This Course

This introductory-level course provides a comprehensive overview of international accounting and finance practices in the E&P industry. It is particularly suitable for finance personnel who are new to the oil and gas industry, or want to gain a broader understanding of oil and gas financial policy, joint venture and cost-control topic areas.


What You Will Learn

  1. An overview of accounting policies and practices in the oil and gas industry.

  2. An introduction to managing project development and operating costs.

  3. Understanding the accounting and financial management implications of exploring for and producing oil and gas.

  4. The background to financial issues like joint ventures that are unique to the E&P industry, and their accounting treatment.

The Lifecycle of an Oil Field

About This Course

This course focuses on the  upstream O&G industry and activities carried out during various phases of the Oil Field from exploration through to decommissioning.  It is valuable to participants who want to gain more insight into the upstream Oil & Gas industry and are looking to have a career within the industry.


What You Will Learn

  1. The various phases of an Oil Field.

  2. Activities carried out during each phase.

  3. Various phases of Oil Fields in Ghana and examples of ongoing activities.

  4. Some examples of issues arising during each phase of the Oilfield.

Who Should Attend

This course is useful for those who want to gain more understanding of the upstream Oil & Gas industry and familiarise themselves with the activities undertaken within the upstream industry.


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