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More of our  Courses Includes:


Understanding the Oil & Gas Industry – Upstream, Midstream & Downstream stream









About This Course


This course focuses on the various aspects of the O&G industry and establishes the linkages and interdependencies of the value chain within the industry. It highlights career opportunities for individuals and supply Chain opportunities for suppliers.It is valuable to participants who are looking for opportunities within the industry.



What You Will Learn

  1. The value chain in the Oil & Gas Industry

  2. The make-up of the 3 segments of the industry

  3. Inter-dependencies of the value chain within the industry

  4. Opportunities within the industry. – Careers & Businesses


Who Should Attend

This course is beneficial to those who want more insight into the industry and to familiarise themselves with business and career opportunities within the sector.








Managing Performance in Oil & Gas Companies











About This Course

This course has been designed to give participants a detailed understanding of monitoring tools used to measure performance in IOC’s. It also sheds light on the legal frameworks & legislations that govern operations within the industry.


What You Will Learn

  1. Have a working understanding of the legal frameworks and legislations that govern the Oil & Gas industry.

  2. Be able to develop performance measurement dashboards and monitoring tools/reports including benchmarking & KPIs.

  3. Understand and analyse the different category’s of petroleum costs. 

  4. Be able to analyse financial and operational data received from IOCs and provide assurance on the completeness and accuracy of the information.

  5. Have a practical understanding of the entire suite of financial operations of an IOC from planning & budgeting, to project approval (Authorisation for Expenditure), to cost reporting, to cashcalls & billings, through to Financial Statement reports.

  6. Be able to identify topics that cause disputes between the IOCs and government.

Who Should Attend

Decision makers, managers, government officials, auditors, tax authorities etc and all those needing assistance in understanding KPI’s used in measuring performance in IOC’s.








Interpreting Petroleum Agreements  & Understanding the regulatory framework










About This Course

This course focuses on Petroluem Agreements issued in Ghana  and the West African Sub Region . It gives participants an in-depth review and practical understanding of key sections of the agreements. It is particularly suitable for finance and non-finance personnel who are new to the oil and gas industry and want to gain a practical and working understanding of Petroleum Agreements. It is also useful for auditors, Tax specialists, Lawyers or bankers interested in understanding how Petroleum Agreements function.


What You Will Learn

  1. Understanding the need for Petroleum Agreements (PA)

  2. An outline of key sections of the PA and areas of focus when reading the PA

  3. An in depth explanation of these key sections and practical working examples of how these sections are applied

Who Should Attend

This course is useful for those who want to understand the makeup of Petroleum Agreements and its applicability.  It is especially valuable to newcomers in the industry who will be working in the legal, auditing, commercial, Contracts & Procurements and finance sections.







Additional Oil Entitlements (AOE)











About This Course

This course is designed to help participants understand the AOE model and walk them through computing for AOE.


What You Will Learn

  1. The make-up and components of the AOE model

  2. How to derive in the inputs for the model

  3. Computing AOE and interpreting the results

  4. Challenges with PA provisions regarding input factors

Who Should Attend

Tax officials, NOC officials, Government representatives, auditors, IOC staff, Decision makers etc

Understanding the Oil & Gas Industry- Upstream, Midstream & Downstream
Managing Performance in Oil & Gas Companies
Understanding & Interpreting Petroleum Agreements
Additional Oil Entitlements (AOE)
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